Sports ground focusing on catfish – 1st  catfish water for the public in the Czech Republic

Catfishing is our great hobby, which lead to the creation of our pond ‘Sumčák’. We know that catfishing is not just about the actual hunting and catching a big catfish, but also about the surroundings: nature and peace. According to these factors we have selected this pond. The pond ‘Sumčák’, is surrounded by astonishing nature with a unique view on rolling hills and forests. Catfish are also at peace here, due to ideal conditions of the pond bed consisting of fallen trees and shrubs. The pond has an extremely high amount catfish, but also white fish, carp, perch and tench. This year we placed 2.2 tons of these fish to breed. We hope for all catfishers, who visit our pond, to enjoy the atmosphere and happily visit again.

Private ‘Sumčák’ pond

Currently we have 96 pieces of catfish in our pond, most fish are over 150 cm. This year we managed to get 5 catfish over 2 meters. A great challenge for you will be to catch one larger and heavier than our current record – albino catfish 192 cm and 55 kg. The record constantly changes, for updates, watch the „news“ or our Facebook page. There are 2 (max. 3) fishing sites located by our pond. Due to the warm and shallow water, fishing is very effective in our pond with the bait on the surface or just below it.


Style „catch and release“! Happy catfishing!

The area of the pond is monitored by camera traps, so any suspicious movement is directly informed to the Police (this notice does not apply to hunters).

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