Rules and Regulations of Catfising

Every fisher must inform their arrival beforehand and this order must be and strictly proceeded. Upon entering the campus, everyone is under our rules and regulations. Entry and exit from the site is only to proceed with the assistance of an administrator. A federal permit to fish is not needed, as everyone is to fish with the style „catch and release“ nonstop to max. 3 rods. After an agreement, it is possible to diversify the shot. Other fish can be used as bait for catfish only if properly bought.

Minimum equipment:

  • Catfish Rods 400g
  • Tribal cord (!!not fishing line!!) 60kg
  • Cat leader 90kg
  • „Owner“ hooks only, a single permit installation single + tripple wire leaders. (2x tripple wire leaders are forbidden due to the large injuries left on the fish and a single wire leader on its own is also forbidden, due to the danger of it hooking into the esophagus.) !!The single wire leader is only allowed in the hunt for eel!!
  • Swivels and carabines 100kg

Every fisher is obligated to get the fish out of the water as quickly as possible, carefully, not to risk the of escape of the fish, which would eventually cause it’s death. When taking a photograph, the fisher is required to place a plastic sheet and bucket underneath the fish. When lifting the catfish, it is needed to ensure the utmost care and !!not hold the fish under the belly!!. Lift vertically to hold the fish under the pectoral fins and take caution not to put hands into gills. The fish must be returned back into the water within five minutes. In the case of pulling out a wounded fish (bleeding), photography is not permitted. It is needed to immediately put the fish back into the water, in order to stop the bleeding and next steps are to be consulted with the administrator. Fishing shelters (bivouacs), a fire (on designated places) and make-fasts are permitted. Luring, handling and catching the catfish by boat is allowed. Hygiene and cleanliness is to be preserved, therefore no rubbish is to be left behind. The operator is not responsible for visitor’s injuries, caused by their own carelessness, overvaluation of their abilities, physical capabilities or violation of regulations. The operator for the same reasons does not take responsibility for any visitor’s death. Every visitor to the area takes entire responsibility for the security, prevention of theft or damadge of their own belongings; including objects inside or outside parked vehicles.

In case of any violation of our rules, the visitor will be banned from the campus ‘Sumčák’ without any compensation to future visits or fishing in this area.

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