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Catfish fishing and breeding is our hobby, which is also the reason for founding Sumčák hunting ground. Our beginnings are linked with a body of water, where we began with catching catfish. Currently, the Sumčák lake is in a close proximity to Prague. We moved all the fish from the original pond and added new, beautiful fish. The new pond is bigger and deeper with a great traffic availability and comfort. There are not only catfish in the lake, but also carps, amurs, pikes, perches and zanders. A necessity is a big number of feeding fish, of which we add 2-3 tons per year. Not only catfish fighters will feel like home in our fishing area, but also those who like to catch some other fish species while catching catfish

We wish you pleasant moment in our unique fishing area.

Sumčák Lake

Sumčák lake is a fish-breeding facility with over 160 catfish. Most fish are above 150cm –with 26 catfish above 2 meters and 35 albinos. It will sure be a great challenge for you to catch a huge albino or a female 240+. The current state is terminal, now we will only be replacing smaller catfish with bigger – see „News“ or our FB page

Pískovna Ostrá, a beautiful location and a new home to our catfish, is located 25 minutes from Prague near Ostrá municipality. A five hectare area with depths reaching 10 meters, clear water, sand beaches tempting you to swim, and what the most significant part is for us, fishermen, a lot of beautiful fish, often with huge dimensions. Carps, amurs, zanders, pikes and huge perches are a temptation by themselves. Since 2018 season, these fish are just an addition, because the main feature are our catfish and their new home in this beautiful water. This moves Sumčák fishing area one step further, because the location is comparable to the best catfish fishing grounds in Europe. A diverse bottom of the pond and depth differences allow fishing using more fishing techniques than up to now. The area is situated in a beautiful environment suitable for a family vacation. For families with children we prepared 2 comfortable cottages which we placed on the most spacious fishing spots at our pond. Diverse fishing techniques, including vertical spinning, catfish on-shore hunting, hunting of predators and carps, all these things will be available to you since the 2018 season at Sumčák fishing ground.

We hunt using the technique catch and let go. Best regards!

The whole area is under constant supervision, protected by a security agency and monitored with photo traps, any suspicious movement will be consulted with Czech Police (this does not apply to the catfish fighters)

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